Marketing Concepts Contact Center

We Take Care of It.

Inbound Calls

We provide Call Center support, after hours and over-flow services. Our staff is trained to meet the needs of your customer and represent your company in a courteous and professional manner. Marketing Concepts also provides extensive reporting so that you have the detail you need to help you project and monitor call volume for your company's needs. Our Call Center reporting also provides data to let you know what types of calls you're getting from your customers and service levels provided to them. Marketing Concepts can even provide, in most cases, customized reporting for your unique information needs.


Your web customers want and need immediate attention from a live professional while they're shopping on your website. Marketing Concepts has the software experience and professional expertise to provide live Chat to help give your web customers the support they need online to place their orders and answer product or site questions.


Today's e-commerce businesses relies on the efficient response to customers' email requests. Marketing Concepts' Contact Center professionals are trained to understand the value of quick and effective email responses. Our staff works with you to develop customized processes for responding to your customers by email.


Today's multi-channel marketing companies know the value of every customer contact. Marketing Concepts understands the importance of handling mail/fax orders, inquiries and customer service issues. Our trained Contact Center professionals have a history of providing detailed and documented service to customers who prefer to order and make contact via mail/fax. Marketing Concepts also provides detailed reports to help you manage your mail/fax order customers' needs.

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