Marketing Concepts Marketing Services

We Manage It.

Build it and they will come. If it was that simple, you wouldn't need expert advice to drive traffic to your site. Marketing Concepts recognizes you are only as successful as your customers' ability to find you. Just because you build a virtual store doesn't mean the customers will visit. Marketing Concepts has a team of web marketing professionals who work with you to achieve the best placement for your business on the Internets most popular search engines.

Demanding consumers require companies to focus on the expanding challenges of multichannel marketing. Integrated systems with integrated strategies require insight into creating the best marketing solutions and techniques to generate and track consumer response and loyalty. Marketing Concepts knows how to create and manage those strategies and solutions.

Analysis and Planning

We research your consumer data and use industry data to help you formulate successful strategies to market your business in multiple channels.


Whether it's direct marketing by catalog, email or web our team of professionals works with you to create reports to manage your business and communicate effectively with your customers and target audiences.

Catalog Circulation & Mail Management

The power of the catalog is as important today as it has ever been. With the fall of many dot.coms, the power that the catalog has in reinforcing customer awareness has become increasingly important. Marketing Concepts knows the strength of print media in today's global marketplace and we can work with you to make catalog marketing a strong part of your marketing strategy.

Client Reporting

Marketing Concepts provides detailed monthly reporting that summarized campaign performance, ROI and other key performance indicators.

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